Being the coffee and sales guru that Wesley is, as well as all the knowledge he has with his past work experience…
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African Direct Distributors started 3 years ago as Steakhouse Spareribs with Janine and Sharon providing ribs…
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Our Philosophy

We at WezJan Trading aim to bring you the best service in town! We have extensive knowledge in each of the sectors we are involved in and can add enormous value to your business. Let us show you how! We aim to source bulk traded ingredients e.g. Spices and mixes + commodities like coffee and loads of other dry goods items and either supply only, or offer an added contract packing & down packing option.

We are BBEE level 4 and HACCP certified. We don’t have a massive MOQ for the smaller guys starting out but also have the space and big machines for the big guys out there who want to lean on us to pack their fast and slow movers. We value our clients business and are ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE!

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WezJan Product List

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African Direct Distributors

View or Download the African Direct Distributors product list below:

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01African Direct Distributors

Click here to view or download our latest African Direct Distributors product / price list.

02Wezjan Trading

Click here to view or download our latest Wezjan product / price list.

03Coffee & Roasting

We have a full range of our own Gold Bru Coffee, which is artisanal coffee roasted to perfection in beans and filter.

04Contract Packing

Contract Packing (Our Clients supply us with their product and we pack it into finished product – boxed and ready…

05Private Label Packing

We have so many cool, funky and bulk options for our clients various needs and applications.

06Wholesale supply

We supply a full range of packaging, consumables, daily & monthly shift packs for factory staff and bulk goods traded…

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