Being the coffee and sales guru that Wesley is, as well as all the knowledge he has with his past work experience…
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African Direct Distributors started 3 years ago as Steakhouse Spareribs with Janine and Sharon providing ribs…
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Coffee & Roasting


We have a full range of our own Gold Bru Coffee, which is artisanal coffee roasted to perfection in beans and filter. We also have a full range of instant coffees from “high end to low end” and hot chocolate to add to your basket if you are keen for us to private label pack for you. Our client’s pricing is volume driven so we are always working closely with them to help them grow in the market and offer them the best deals.  We also offer FREE Barista Training to all of our clients who may need it.

Coffee & Roasting Portfolio

Feel free to contact us. We look forward hearing from you.